33.5 Ton digger for sale in Australia Type SY335C


Key Parameters

Operating Weight:34300kg

Engine Model:Isuzu AA-6HK1XQP-01

Rated Power:190.5/2000kW/rpm


The 34300 kg SY335C adopts Isuzu AA-6HK1XQP-01 engine, with 190.5/2100 kW/rmp power force, delivering new levels of efficiency and productivity that helps you get the most out of your investment.


The spacious and sealed cab is not only creating quiet environment for the operator, but ensures the air pressure inside is higher the outside, preventing the dust invasion. The innovative silicone rubber shock absorber, equipped in the operator station, minimizes the shock brought by the rough road condition or hydraulic impact, considerably increasing the stability of the cab and improving the comfort of the operator. 

Multiple air outlets at different levels and locations give the operators more comfort, especially under stuffy environment.


Additional oil drain valve on swing mechanism makes gear oil replacement much easier.

The accessible oil filter installed far away from the engine ensures easy maintenance. The radiator, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank and oil pan are equipped with screw plugs at the bottom, which is convenient for discharging the exterior substance and waste liquid.


Engine Customized for SANY

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully develop its power. The perfect combination of this two realizes the high efficiency and low fuel consumption under different working mode, while optimizing the combustion. 

Compared to the SY330C, the updated SY335C improves its performance in several aspects, the arm digging speed increasing by 19 percent, the arm unloading speed raising by 25 percent, the boom boosting speed up by 10 percent, and the machine operating efficiency increasing by 20 percent. 

Powerful Travel Ability

The latest Nabtesco large-torque travel mechanism is adopted to enhance the driving force and reliability, making the travel motor driving force increased to 290KN.

Latest Swing Mechanism

The latest Kawasaki large-torque swing mechanism is employed to increase the rotary torque by 32 percent, to 132.8 kN.M. The swing starting torque is also enhanced with reduced swing drift.


Falling object protection structure 

The cab is punch-formed with thick high-strength steel sheet, and the toughened glass-made door and window, together with the equipped seat-belt, creating a quite safe environment for the operators.

Much more extensive view 

The improved cab design elements the previous narrowed blind zone, by reducing the colomn size and decreasing the structural strength of the cab.

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