46.5 Ton digger for sale in Australia Type SY465H


Key Parameters

Operating Weight:45500kg

Engine Model:Mitsubishi 6D24-TLC1B

Rated Power:250/2000kw/rpm


The 45.5 ton SY465H uses the customized Mitsubishi 6D24-TLC1B Engine to deliver 250/2000 kW/rpm power.


Falling object protection structure 

The cab is punch-formed with thick high-strength steel sheet, and the toughened glass-made door and window, together with the equipped seat-belt, creating a quite safe environment for the operators.

Much more extensive view 

The improved cab design elements the previous narrowed blind zone, by reducing the colomn size and decreasing the structural strength of the cab. 

Strengthened working equipment meets heavy-duty requirements 

The strengthened boom, arm, and bucket are designed to meet the requirements of heavy-duty operations. New anti-deformation new welding process ensures the correct, strong and durable structure. 

The large-box structure is welded with high-intensity steel sheet, with the welded plates against torsion inside to form a compact, strong and durable integrity and prevent deformation under larger digging force. 

The boom is fully reinforced in key positions in addition to thickened bent plates as the front support and thickened side plates as the rear support, offering excellent torsion resistance under complex applications. 

Reinforced X-frame modeled with digital tools, through finite element analysis on loading capacity, realizes high-strength structure.


With dual-pump, dual circuit constant power control system, the engine fully develops its power to realize the maximum efficiency under different working mode. 

Full-power variables main pump

The two plunger-type pumps of serial variable displacement are controlled via full-power variables, to make the consistency of the two pumps power.

Newly-designed controller

The newly-designed controller is used to perform innovative electro-hydraulic control over the machine, achieving a real-time power match between the engine and the hydraulic pumps. An advanced computer dynamic control system changes engine output power as per the external load demand, realizing the optimum control of the machine and the external load operation system.


The spacious and sealed cab is not only creating quiet environment for the operator, but ensures the air pressure inside is higher the outside, preventing the dust invasion. The innovative silicone rubber shock absorber, equipped in the operator station, minimizes the shock brought by the rough road condition or hydraulic impact, considerably increasing the stability of the cab and improving the comfort of the operator. 

Multiple air outlets at different levels and locations give the operators more comfort, especially under stuffy environment.

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