Australia The Development of SANY Digger

SANY always emphasizes the high quality and performance of diggers and support for the international cooperation. The main components of diggers like engine, main pump, main valve, rotary motor, and controllerare from internationally renowned professional manufacturers, ensuring a consistently excellent quality.SANY imports the latest Japanese engine model manufactured by Mitsubishi specially customized for SANY to generate greater power and match the high requirements of the hydraulic system. This engine generates better efficiency, stability and durability. This Mitsubishi engine is a high displacement engine therefore reduces heat load and is equipped with a overheat protection function which limits travel speed when the coolant reaches certain temperature.

Before 2000, the China hydraulic digger market was dominated by foreign brands such as CAT, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, etc. The local brands had only 5% share. After 11 years, today the local brands hold about 50% of the market share. During the past several years, SANY digger annual growth rate in sales has been over 120% on average, with a sales volume of more than 3,000 machines in 2008, more than 6,000 in 2009 and 12,000 in 2010. Its growth rate ranked the first place for three consecutive years in the industry.

In 2011, SANY digger became the No.1 in domestic market with a share of 12.2%. Between 2012 and 2014, SANY digger secured its position of No.1 in the domestic industry of China with a share of 15.4% (2012) /15.1% (2013) /16.5% (2014). According to China Custom, SANY digger was No.1 exporter of China in 2012 and 2013, and No.1 among Chinese manufacturers in 2014.In 2014, the overseas end sales of SANY digger was 1780 units, USD187 million, increased by 13.2% YOY.

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