Australia SANY Small Digger Shines in Halloween

In this Halloween, my company organized a Pumpkin Carving Contest. My friend Lee became the champion with her creative work that a small digger was carved on the little pumpkin. Several days before the Halloween, the administrative staff started to convene people to attend the Pumpkin Contest and many people felt excited to attend the contest. The Pumpkin Carving Contest contains two parts including individual event and group event. According to the name list, the administrative staff divided the groups. Many people have thought well about how to design their work before the contest. This definitely will be an intense competition.

On the Halloween, the contest was carried out smoothly, people designed their work with great passions. To our surprise, each work is in high quality and can be called art. Some carved smiling face, some carved funny face, some carved a carriage. My friend Lee carved a small digger on the pumpkin in order to stand out our company’s business. The digger is so lively that attracted many people watching. When asked the procedures of making this work, Lee explained with smile. First, she scooped the pumpkin flesh and seeds out, then she draw a small digger on the little pumpkin with brush and carved it according to the outline, finally she put the candle into the empty pumpkin and the whole work was done. 

Finally, Lee became the champion without doubt and obtained the first prize. When the photographer took picture for her and her small digger, Leegave a big smile and the small digger looks shining under the flashlight.

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