SANY Star Product– Australia SANY Digger SY85C-9

SANY SY85C-9 is the star product of Sany Heavy Industry 8 ton diggers. It has its own advantages on aspects of energy saving, working efficiency, and performance stability. In the front device of the digger, as the same as most of 8 ton diggers, SANY SY85C-9 installed its big boom bottom at the right side of the driving cab. In this way, the center of the gravity when doing operating is closer to the center of the digger weight, which could make the chassis more stable when the digger is working. 

Traditional geared up container efficiency is normally zero. 49 m³. We tend to weld a strong aluminum eating plan over the easy-being-wore parts of the part of the main container. And also smaller person, a back corner within the container, the main restaurant within the substantial wrist many experience remaining welded aluminum plate designs. The perfect organ of the system menopausal body s loaded mounting handrail that is definitely in most cases basically observed in great diggers.

Concerning a majority of various trademark diggers of the identical figure, Ynmar together with Commins Locomotives are typically being exercised, even while SANY SY85C-9 has Realize Kubota Algorithm that is definitely a lot easier extraordinary algorithm ligne. Together with SY85C-9 has Korean language DOOWON wind fridge. When the same as others, oil-water separator is normally geared up withtranslucent seed covering to be able to generally if the drainage it takes.

The side cover ofSANY SY85C-9 adopts filter screen inside of the medal hole to filter large-granule dust. It also equipped with Japanese Kawasaki hydraulic pump K3VL14, and precise oil filter from Shanghai Kailing Hydraulic Electric.Co., Ltd. The driver’s weight can be preset by a yellow button beside the cab seat, it can make better seat elastic with comfort. The skylight of the driving cab is fixed, cannot be open, which also make better leakproofness. SANY SY85-9 is also equipped with four working lights, and equipping with two lights on the top of the driving cab is rare to see in the same tonnage diggers of other brands.

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