SANY Small Digger Performs Tightrope Walking In China TV Show

At November thirteenth, Sany digger designer Liu Renweijoined the television reveal called“Challenge the main Impossible” taught just by China and tiawan CCTV-1 tv channel. While in the reveal, the person inhibited the main challenge about driving a car some thirteen. quite a few overflow small-scale digger going for a walk while in the tightrope, that is definitely quite a few. check out yards increased from the beginning. This unique challenge features a couple of sections for example mounting over the stage utilizing size about quite a few. check out yards, going for a walk on the comfortable connect string withlength about 22 yards, entering the only association constructed from raw wood (15 yards extensive together with zero. 49 yards wide) utilizing a single crawler seatbelt. Very hard when the difficulty was basically, Mister Liu was basically heaped with self esteem, which means that happen to be this family group (his woman, darling together with boy many came this website so that you can moan  groan meant for him).

In order to keep safe, the small digger was connected with one crane by a rope in case of emergency and there were three chances for Mr Liu to complete this project.In the first try, MrLiu driving the digger climbed on the 5.4-meter-high platform successfully but failed in landing on the soft wire rope since the digger shook so heavily on the soft rope that it was at the edge of tipping over (thanks for the crane holding it). Seeing this moment, everyone in thesite held their breath and worried a lot about Mr Liu, but Mr Liu was very calm and determined. Learning from the failure of the first time, MrLiiu became more careful in thesecond try and successfully passed the soft wire rope. When everyone cheered for him, the most difficult part came, that was passing thesingle bridge with just one side of crawler belt, the width of the bridge was 0.45 meters, equaling to the width of the crawler belt.With 20-ton load hanging on the bucket turning at the right side, the 7.5 ton small digger started to pass the bridge with its right crawler belt. Unfortunately, the digger tipped over because of losing balance. At the moment of audiences feeling pity for him, Mr Liu started his last try. This time, Mr Liu became more cautions and cooperated so well with his machine that they finished all of the three parts successfully. All of the people in the site stood up and applauded for him, and Mr Liu huggedwith his family happily.

When asked the secret of his success, Mr Liu said that” it was very important to control the speed and adjust the steering of the machine, and what the most important was that you should make yourself together with the small digger, when you trusted with each other, nothing is impossible.”Except admiring Mr Liu’s consummate digger driving skill, we should also learn his spirit of gritty and never giving up.

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