Australia How to Maintain the Idle SANY Digger

Considering the swiftly development of the construction machinery community, the best way to get a few item for formation machines, that should end up in the very event the fact that certain systems might be nonproductive for a period. The very nonproductive machines also need to get retained to not have not work properly. At this time i would like to conversation something about how to maintain the very nonproductive digger more accurately.

1. Remove the cooling water

It is an important part to add cooling water into the engine before starting the machine, however, the cooling water needs to be removed when the digger will be idle for a long period, otherwise, the engine in the wet environment will be corroded and rusted.

2. Change the engine oil 

The engine oil will become alkaline when used for some periods, which will erode the engine parts. And the nature of the new engine oil is neutral, which will not erode the engine metal part.

3. Fill enough diesel 

The fuel tank should be filled full of the diesel to avoid the metal parts become oxidation and get eroded, and small amount of corrosion remover can be added if condition permits.

4. Start the idle digger once per month

The idle digger should be started at least one time per month. The machine walking for a short distance can produce new oil film among the parts, which can avoid the parts getting rusted.

5. Store the battery in right place 

The battery should be put in the dark and dry place. Don’t put heavy objects on the battery, especially conductive objects.What should be noticed is that the negative pole of the battery should be cut before cutting the positive pole when removing the battery, as for installing the battery, the order is opposite.

6. Paint grease 

What the grease to digger is like what vitamin to people, the exposed parts of the digger must be paint with grease to prevent rust, especially the bucket.

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