Mistakes about Australia SANY Digger Maintenance in Winter


Digger is one of the most widely used engineering equipment. In order to extend the service life of diggers, the Digger Maintenance is becoming more and more important to all of the digger owners and operators.


Mistake 1: Improper boot method

The consequences it may cause: It may cause serious damages to the digger.

In winter, in order to startup the diesel engine more quickly, some drivers usually adopt the abnormal boot method of anhydrous startup, which means that start up first, and then add the cooling water. This method of work should be forbidden for it causes serious damages to the digger.

The right approach: Firstly, covers the heat preservation quilt on the water tank, open the purge valve, and then poor the clean soft water of 60-70 in to the water tank. When you feel the water from the purge valve is hot enough, close the purge valve, and then poor into clean soft water of 90-100. After that, you can shake the bent axle to pre oiling all of the moving parts and then you can start the machine.


Mistake 2: Inattention to the machine body heat preservation

The consequences it may cause:It may shorten the service life of the digger, and damage the engine.

The low temperature of winter easily leads to overcooling when the diesel is working. So heat preservation is the key to the diesel using in winter. In the northern places, the diesel should be equipped with a cosy or a heat preservation curtain in winter. Besides, the thermostat is very important to the warming up of the diesel. Therefore, before the winter comes, we should check that if the thermostat is at normal work, and timely replace the invalid one.


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