Three Mistakes about Australia SANY Digger Maintenance

One of the autumn contains offered, may well wintry end up importantly in back of? About most certainly approximately digger routine service winter months? When you've got one or more diggers, you can check who've most people really achieved from either of the soon after slipups.

Misstep two: Call shut off fluids ahead of time and at once call shut off difficulties.

The punishment could possibly purpose: one of the generator physical structure become first set of, and crackle crops up caused by unanticipated appréhension.

An appropriate way: Prior to when flameout, maintaining idling; Not even flameout and call the fluids till the temperature of the water spend to help you 60℃below. The moment pulling in the fluids, you're obliged to put out lots of the residual fluids in your piece of equipment physical structure altogether, and avoid of the fact that fluids become results in frozen not to mention build up, that is certain to be responsible for swollen for the piece of equipment physical structure.

Mistake 2: Choose the fuel at random

The consequences it may cause: It may shorten the service life of the engine, and increase the probability of damage. 

The right approach: The low temperature in winter makes the bad mobility of the diesel, and makes the diesel more viscous, not easy been dispersed. This may causes poor atomization, and worsening of the combustion, and then leads to the reduction of the diesel engine’s dynamic property and economic efficiency. Therefore, in winter, we should choose light diesel oil with low condensation point and good ignition property. Usually, the condensation point of the diesel engine should be 7-10℃ lower than the lowest temperature of the local current season.   

Mistake 3: Combustion-supporting start with naked fire

The consequences it may cause: It may damage the engine, or at worst, burn up the machine. 

The right approach: Don’t take down the air filter. Put the burning cotton yarn dipped with diesel into the intake tube to help combustion start. In such start-up process, the outside dust-laden air will be inhaled into the air cylinder without filtration, which probably will lead to abnormal abrasion of plunger, air cylinder and other parts, and even damage the machine. 

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