Affordable Drinking Features Modified designed for SANY Digger SY220C-9


SY220C-9 is about the preferred companies during SANY methods diggers. Finally, the C-9 a line diggers produced by SANY use finally, the latesttechnologies belonging to the ability model in the influence model, prefer DOMCS(Dynamic Optimizing it Reasonable Harmonizing Control), Great run influence, hydraulic model, Heavy component. SANY bought camera powershot exclusivetechnology, primary improvements were made during energy saving, highefficiency, credibility. This will make C-9 a line diggers alterable tocharacteristics in much time and additionally continual connectivity, big competences, longservice your life, environmentally friendly stabilize.


SANY SY220C-9 digger adopts DOMCS intelligent control technology to realize real-timematching of engine with the main pump’s power, to ensure thatengine working efficiency and to lower fuel consumption by 10%. Dynamic optimization intelligent control adopts positive flowcontrol system and constant torque control technology, whichleads to achievement of the perfect match between main pumptorque and engine power. DOMCS leads to best match ofspeed and torque leading to higher performance and lower fuelconsumption.


SANY SY220C-9 digger is equipped with automatic idle speed and acceleration functionwhich reduced fuel consumption by 5% - 10%. Engine comes toauto idle in 3 seconds after operation stops. This system of SANY digger reducesthe hydraulic system’s energy loss and the engine wear, which inturn saves energy and lower the engine noise. This further leads tolonger engine and pump life. Engine and hydraulic system returnsto optimum speed within 0.1 seconds upon joystick actuation.

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