How to Maintain the New Digger in Breaking-in Period

Frequently, the popular digger really needs months to make sure you free trial sprinting, to create finally, the breaking-in stage. The essence finally, the breaking-in stage is almost always to stay away from ulcération with the ahead of time part and additionally supply you with a finally, the machine’s your life. Superior protection with the breaking-in stage is, which commonly hang firm foundation to your model to try and do well on tomorrow.


The speed of the engine in the breaking-in period should be reduced to 30%, and the loads should be reduced to 20%-30%. The engine should be set in idle running with low speed for 3-5 minutes and started to work with loads when the temperature of the cooling water increases to 40. The preparation before starting the engine, the technique requirements when the engine is operating and other operating guidelines should be strictly followed as specified.The digger in the breaking-in period should dig soft soil and the amount should not exceed 50% of the bucket capacity. Later, the loading amount can be increased but should not exceed 75% of the bucket capacity and the operating speed should be reduced.Pay attentions to the conditions of the digger parts and check the temperature of the bearings, gears and other connections. Find the reasons and solve the problems when malfunctions are found.


Except checking the parts, lubrication is also very important. Check the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, clean and replace if necessary.As an eligible operator, he or she should know well about the conditions of the digger and master the operating guidelines in the breaking-in period as soon as possible.

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