Advantages of SANY Australia Digger SY35U

In SANY, every employee believes that “Quality is not a goal,it’s our commitment”. AS Sany Heavy Industry’s most important product, SANY digger is always with high quality, excellent performance and high efficiency. SANY digger SY35U is equipped with a Yanmar 4TNV88 1.6 liter Tier 4fengine delivering 24.4hp @ 2000 RPM. Matching engine output tothe highest quality hydraulic components allows the independentsystems to act as one and maximize fuel efficiency and machineperformance.Utilizing high-quality enginesand hydraulic components, SANY diggerSY35U performs at the peak ofefficiency.

SANY digger SY35U has a highlyengineered hydraulic systemthat reduces fuel consumptionand provides an efficientbalance of the main pump andengine power.

The cooling system is sized to match the cooling requirements tothe power needs of the most demanding operating conditions. Itoffers an optimized fan drive coupled with a side-by-side cooler toprovide the necessary cooling for the engine and hydraulics.

The auto-idle system is conveniently turned on or off with the pushof a button on the display monitor in the cab. While the digger is operating,it allows the engine to drop to low idle to reduce waste of fuel whenthe digger doesn't require the power. When the operator isready to resume operation, the system quickly reacts andresumes engine operation where it left off.Spin-on fuel water separator and oil filter, air pre-cleaner anddual-element air filtration are standard and easily serviceable.

Marrying these quality components togethermeans less machine downtime and that meansadding more value to your bottom line.Because Sany is one of the world’s largestmanufacturers of hydraulic diggers, youcan be sure that our machines have beenexposed to a variety of applications. AtSany, our diggers have seen it beforeand have had advancements made to beprepared for any job required.

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