SANY Australia Construction Equipment Serves for People

“Human being is great for his dreams,” Mr. Liang Wengen, President of SANY Group said, “People of SANY do only one thing, that is Quality Changes the World. SANY will change the poor image of the Chinese products in the world by the top product quality, which is the mission of SANY.” With this honored mission, SANY heavyequipmentparticipated in countless projects in domestic and abroad. 

In China, SANY constructionequipment can be seen in almost all the key projects, such as the world-recognized Three Gorges Dam Project, the National Stadium, which is nicknamed as “Bird’s Nest”, Sutong Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge with largest span in the world, and even the 492m-tall Shanghai World Financial Center, the highest building in China. 

It is worth mentioning that, in the Wenchuan earthquake occurred on May 12, 2008, SANY made immediate response and decided upon a donation of 18 million yuan in addition to a rescue team of 80 young volunteers, 8 truck cranes, 7 excavators and several concrete machines sent to the disaster area. In the heavily struck areas of PIngwu, Beichuan and ANxian, the rescue team managed to clear and repair more than 30 kilometers road providing the lifeline to the hit area. They also rescued more than 20 lives there. Weare always proud of serving for our country and our people. 

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