SANY Extension Jib Digger SY215C and Quartering Hammer Digger SY365H

In order to realize wider range of operation (including operating radius, operating altitude, operating depth), the front-end device of SANY digger SY215C has been refitted, making SY215C extension jib digger. It meets the construction requirements of road cleaning and river dredging.  

The engine of this extension jib digger uses Chinese emission standard Ⅲ which ensures energy saving and environment protection. The brand new controller realizes real-time accurate fuel injection, making more fully fuel combustion. Under the same condition of operation, fuel consumption can be decreased by more than 10%. DOMS -- dynamic optimization matching control system realizes the perfect matching between engine and main pump, and to the greatest extent utilizes the output power of the engine. It is faster, more durable, and makes the whole digger more stable and reliable. The four different operating modes of S/H/L/B apply to different poor working conditions. 

Winning the gold award of Chinese construction machinery marketing performance Top 50 machines, SANY SY365H digger is keeping forging ahead in the pursuit of high cost effective. Being reformed by patented technologies, SANY SY365H quartering hammer digger creates more values for customers. It saves your 50% of machine purchasing cost, and quartering hammer efficiency increases by 30% which reduces 30% of the using cost. In order to better adapt to the mining operation, SANY SY365H quartering hammer digger enhances its mining operation design. For instance, strengthening structural parts and further enhancing the radiator performance and hydraulic cleanliness. 

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