SANY Multifunctional Australia Digger SY485 in Bauma

On November 22, Bauma China 2016 was held in Shanghai New International EXPO center. SANY Heavy Industry brought variousconstruction equipment to the exhibition, including diggers, hoisting machines, road machines, piling machinesand port machines. Because of the peculiarfeature of “multiple functions in one machine”, the displayed SANY multifunctional device diggers became the most shining stars in the exhibition. 

SANY SY485 dismantle wall digger, been displayed on the exhibition, is reformed from SY485 digger. It has three marked characteristics: 1. Stable and reliable. In order to improve the system stability, SANY SY485 dismantle wall digger is equipped with chip-type valve to increase the quantity of hydraulic circuit and ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment during the construction process. 2. Safety guarantee. It adds various safety alarm device to guarantee the safety of all the staff and the machine. 3. Strong adaptability. The swing arm of this digger is in common use for kinds of chassis. It can be dismantled to double knuckle arm and standard arm to apply to complicated working conditions.  

It is worth mentioning that, SANY SY485H digger won the Gold Finger Award Top 50 of 2016. Possessing the advantages of excellent performance, strong adaptability, ultra-long service life and super low maintenance cost, SANY SY485H dismantle wall digger is unique. Its tallest dismantling height among the same tonnage diggers in domestic makes it extremely popular with customers and realizes truly multi-purposes in one machine.

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