SANY road machinery supports the successful convention of the Tour of Qinghai Lake

July 15-29, 2017, the 16th Tour of Qinghai Lake was successfully held in Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia in northwestern China. Starting from 2002, The Tour of Qinghai Lake is an annual professional road bicycle racing stage race, named after Qinghai Lake.


Xining Dingkang Municipal Engineering Co.,Ltd. was responsible for the road section in Xining once again this year. Since 2011, it has repaired over 1000km roads covering numerous sections of the bicycle race together with SANY.Given that the formation kaint disrupt the very on a daily basis commute belonging to the homeowners, the procedure must be meted out the later part of the actual. Quick grown timbers . well pencil in, SANY milling machines, paver and even way machinery ended the construction correctly which consists of wonderful general performance and even excellence.


Since 2009, the Xining Dingkang Municipal Engineering company has purchased a total of 10 units of SANY road machinery, for instance SM2000C, SMP95C, SMP90EC, YZC120, STR130 and SPR300. All the SANY machines have operated stably without major breakdown, winning the favor of local customers.

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