Contrastive Analysis of Wheel Digger and Crawler Digger


What are the differences between wheel digger and crawler digger?


Wheel digger moves easily, and mainly for some small project in the city, cannot be used in very soft ground. Crawler digger cannot move on the road, but can work in some muddy ground, and will not be trapped. Crawler digger’s machine body is bigger and work efficiency is higher than wheel digger.


The advantage of a crawler diggeris mainly in its chassis:

Advantages: Efficient for large contact ground area, muddy construction sites, wet lands and other area that easily get stuck; crawler digger’s comparative heavy self-weight makes it go various more extensive areas; for the crawler belt made of medal ware, the crawler digger is also qualified to work in those inadequate operating conditions.


Disadvantages: Comparatively speaking, crawler digger needs more investment, and its movability is not that good with the fastest designing speed being 5-7KM/H, and long distance movement can only depend on dray.


Wheel digger:

Advantages:  less investment, faster speed with normally 40-50KM/H.

Disadvantages: narrow using range, mostly used in road and city engineering projects. It cannot be operated in mines or muddy wet terrain, and the climbing ability is not very good. So for now, most customers are tend to choose crawler diggers.

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