Ingestion Data from Australia Sany SY75C excavator

I purchased an important SY75C excavator concerning Scar seven, 2013 aided by the program from mother and father. Prior to, Document wavered relating to Sany not to mention other brands. Subsequent to wide-ranging interest, Choice to find one of the Sany excavator, that's proved to be adequate final choice happen to be.

Even though this excavator is made by a Chinese manufacturer, its important components are all imported by the world famous brands, such as its pump and valve. The Isuzu engine is highlighted for its low consumptionand little noise. The oil tank capacity is 130 liters which can last for three days. Sany is also specialized in its after service. To date, the machine has been used for more than 6,000 hours and Sany’s after-sale staffcalledme to ask for the feedback about theusage of the machine. When the machine has been used nearly 1000 hours, the oil distributor began to leak oil and it took no more than 3 hours for the service man coming to my working construction site. As for the excavator maintenance, all the components are the original parts. It took little money to change oil filter and other small parts. The displayer device in the cab is useful. The maintenance reminder function is really practical, reminding me of when to do the maintenance.

In a word, I am very satisfied with the SY75C excavator. 

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