The 10000th Australia digger of SANY off the assembly line


On December 22, 2016, the 10000thsmall digger of Sany Heavy Machinery offed the assembly line in SANY Kunshan Industrial Park. The president of Sany Heavy Machinery Yu Hongfu, the general manager of small digger company Deng Jinghui, and the general manager of large digger company Chen Jiayuan attended the off-line ceremony. 


At three-eighteen in the afternoon, a brand new small diggerSY55U showed up in the ceremony, which claimed that the 10000th small digger of Sany Heavy Machinery of this year officially off the assembly line. SY55U is the new star product of Sany Heavy Machinery. It is equipped with national engine, with strong power, and it is environmental friendly and very safe, with excellent operating performance. It also better adapts to the narrow space operation, so it has gotten recognitions from customers all over the world as soon as it appear on the market.


The industry data showed that, since 2012, the sales volume of Sany Heavy Machinery small digger have been the No.1 for five years. At present, every 3 small diggers been sold in the market, there must one is from SANY. Besides small digger, SANY’s medium diggers and large diggers are very popular, demand even exceed the supply. In the former three quarters, 9934 SANY diggers had been sold in the market, which exceeded the second-place manufacturer more than 2000 sets. Deng Jinghui, the general manager of the small digger company said, “The domestic sale leader export sale leader of this year are already in SANY’s pocket.”


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