What are the main characteristics of SANY mini digger SY16C excavator for sale in Australia?

With an upper width of only 980 mm, the SANY SY16C can easily drive through narrow passages and spaces, especially with the 1820 kg weight, making the transportation more easily between different sites. The short tail swing is also ideal for tight job sites and confined spaces.

Extendable Undercarriage and adjustable front blade

The hydraulically extendable undercarriage with adjustable front blade allows the machine to be configured for excellent working stability and optimum performance.


Powerful Engine and Hydraulics

Owing to the self-independent SLSS hydraulic system, the 11.2 kW Yanmar engine and perfectly matched hydraulic pump, main valve and travel motor provide efficient and reliable performance, even in the toughest job sites. Low noise and vibration levels deliver comfortable operation.

Auxiliary lines

The auxiliary lines are run down the boom and arm as standard equipment for easy fit-up and

running of hydraulic attachments.

Load sensing hydraulics

The matched load sensing hydraulics is designed for increased fuel efficiency and maximized performance.

ANSYS Platform for prolonging the usage life

Based on the ANSYS platform, the strengthened working devices and undercarriage eases the stress of concentration, making the using life prolong by 30%.


The exchanges of steel track and rubber track make it accessible on the highroad, and suit various working environment.

Rotary arm

The working configuration of the arm ranges from 595 mm of left turn and 350 mm of right turn, making the outer edge of the track could be reached, ideal for the job in compact space like edge or corner of walls.

Convenient maintenance

The tail end of the machine is mainly designed for the daily maintenance, to make it easily accessible to the air filter and fuel oil filter, facilitating the maintaining job.

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