Which kind of small digger is better for farmland reclamation in Australia

Q: I want to buy a small digger for farmland reclamation. Which one is better for me?

A: We recommend you to buy SANY small digger SY55C digger. The small construction machine is equipped with customized Isuzu 4JG1 Engine with Tier 3 emission standard shows extra-strong working power, ensuring the high reliability especially in the tough working environment. The strengthened bucket uses wearing-resisting steel plate in its bottom, and the optimized arc shape reduces the digging resistance and abrasion caused by the rocks.

The spacious view and suspension seat design, together with the damping and noise-reduction performance, gives the operator more confortable experience. The large covering parts makes the maintenance more easily and approachable.

Other recommended mini digger models include: SY35C, SY16C and SY50C.

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