How the SANY SY75C digger make its 4000 working hours without troubles

How the SANY SY75C digger make its 4000 working hours without troubles 

Economic benefit is the first consideration of clients when they purchase construction machinery. The facilities with high reliability and low failure rate can help clients get the maximum return, which are always the first option of clients.

SY75C digger, as SANY’s ace model can be used for more than 4000 working hours without any trouble. How did it do it?

SANY SY75C is equipped with Isuzu 40/2100 kW/rpm engine, making the fuel consumption lower 10.9 percent and the efficiency higher 7.7 percent than that of rival models.

Easy maintenance

SANY SY75C digger has a function of maintenance tips when the equipment reaches 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 working hours, the equipment will give tips of maintenance.

What’s more, SANY’S service staff will not only timely give maintenance to the equipment, but also often call back to get insight of the equipment’s operation.

Reinforced boom, bucket and high-strength track frame

Besides the thicker side plates, the ear plates have also been redesigned to reduce the stress at the bending. The durability of the bucket is also greatly extended by using quality anti-wear plates with a thickness up by 33 percent.


Spacious cab

Larger windows of the newly-designed spacious cab provide you with a wider view, and the movable roof hatch gives the cab better ventilation and more lights. The control levers and joysticks designed and arranged according to human engineering are all within the reach of the operators, making the operation more easily and labor-saving. With excellent sealing-ring, the cab is free from outer noise, effectively relieving the fatigue of operators.

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