SANY Medium Digger Used in Tunisia Reservoir Construction

Like medium-sized digger, Sany SY220C is certainly caused by included in bar, diamond exploitation, mineral water conservancy, exploration plus canal engineering. By using turbo pattern plus sturdy shape, Sany SY220C is often placed in lots of engineering disorders plus carried out the repair expediently even yet in the exact challenging ecosystem.

Sany may be investing extending the exact offshore current market which can observe Sany products and solutions all around the earth. Sany choice digger SY220C have been completely included in Tunisia reservoir engineering. First started June with 2006, the exact Tunisia reservoir assignment appeared to be carried out May with '08, to which the costa rica government saved $2. some trillion. The shopper can be EUTEPRISE SOBRE ASÍ, who received thought to be for many makes plus machines to do the following assignment before choosing Sany device. Just after knowing the exact reputation of Sany type from the users who received invested in Sany products and solutions, the shopper chose while not delay.

The construction site was located in the desert, where the climate was dry and bad, the wind was strong with sands and stones. Sometimes, the machine was even covered by the strong sand, which made the customer raised big worries that the project couldn’t be completed by schedule. However, the bad weather didn’t impede Sany medium digger SY220C at all, which worked against the bad weather for constant hours. The reservoir excavated by SY220C was accurate in width and length, and all of the construction requirements put forwarded by the customer had been met. What is more, Sany technicians stayed in the construction site all the time in order to provide maintenance service at any time, therefore, the machine had little breakdown in the construction site since the technician would have a daily check on all the parts, which not only laid a foundation to complete the work on time but also greatly shorten the working schedule.The customer was very satisfied with Sanydigger’s SY220C’s excellent performance and had strong intent to purchase Sany other products.

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