SANY mini diggers make the difference

With the fast development of small-sized earthwork, such as, urban construction, road building and farmland improvement, the market demand for mini digger greatly increases. As the world-leading construction machinery manufacturer, SANY produces mini digger characterized with compact, specialized, flexible, fast and energy-saving.

SANY mini diggers mainly include three models, SY16C, SY35U and SY55U, all of which are widely used in city construction, landscaping, farmland improvement, etc.


Operating Weight: 1750kg

Engine Power: 10.3kw/2200rpm 

Bucket Capacity: 0.04m³ 

Mini digger SY16C adopts elastic undercarriage, which ranges from 980mm to 1350mm and makes it easy for the machine to enter the working area less than 1 meter, improving travel ability and working efficiency. What is more, the deflectable arm can be deflected 595mm to the left and 350mm to the right, ensuring the machine reach the edge of both crawler belts and easily handle the corner construction. 


Operating Weight: 3780kg

Engine Power: 20.4kw/2200rpm

Bucket Capacity: 0.12m³

Compared with other models, mini digger SY35U reduces over 9.2% of the fuel consumption and improves over 3.3% of the working efficiency. The strengthened X-frame structure and broadened undercarriage greatly improve the machine's stability. What is more, the mini digger can be equipped with versatile parts and attachments, which makes the machines applicable enough to handle various constructions like digging, grabbing, discharging, drilling, cutting, breaking and so on. 


Operating Weight: 5200kg

Engine Power: 31.2kw/2200rpm

Bucket Capacity: 0.10-0.19(0.18)m³

SY55U adopts powerful engine, making sure the machine reliable enough to work in the toughest environment. The strengthened structure and reliable components double the machine's service life and improve durability. In additions, SY55U adopts load sensing system, which provides and allocates power according to the load bearing situation, improving efficiency and avoiding overload.

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