What our clients say about SANY diggers

SANY diggers have won great reputation around China for their great quality and high efficiency. Based on its latest sales data, SANY averagely sells 128 diggers a day. Why did clients choose SANY diggers? Let our clients to tell you why. 

Client: Boss Liang


Boss Liang is a super fan of SANY. He has bought two small diggers SANY SY50 and SY60 for earth-rock works. Recently, he bought another SANY medium digger SY215 for his new business.

My first digger is SANY digger. From then on, every facility I bought is SANY’s product. SANY is the only brand I trust,” Boss Liang said.

Client: Boss Zhu


Boss Zhu has purchased five SANY diggers, and three of them are SY215 diggers.

“My first operation of digger was in 1992. I have used many domestic and foreign brands of diggers in the past 25 years. When I purchase digger, I will consider the fuel consumption first, because saving fuel is saving money,” Boss Zhu said that the SANY SY215 digger he recently bought was very energy-saving. It consumed 16L oil an hour, which was lower than other brands’ diggers.

Client: Boss Duan


Boss Duan has a quarry need to be excavated. He wants to buy a high-efficient digger that can suit for tough working conditions.

By comparison, Duan decided to buy SANY SY365H digger. SY365H digger is a machine specially made for quarry excavation.

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully develop its power. The perfect combination of this two realizes the high efficiency and low fuel consumption under different working mode, while optimizing the combustion.

The working mode could be switched according to the operation needs. The heavy duty mode is for the maximum operating efficiency; the standard mode is for reducing the fuel consumption and noise; the light duty mode is for lowering the fuel consumption and high economy and the breaker mode is special for the hammering condition.

Client: Boss Wang


Boss Wang recently bought a SANY small digger SY75C digger for earthwork. “SANY SY75 digger is small but effective; it can load 20 more trucks of soil than other brands’ diggers in the same time,” Boss Wang said that he trusted SANY SY75C, because it has been the best seller of small diggers for five years with the total sales of 20,000 units.

SANY diggers have been hot sellers in domestic and foreign market for many years. Clients’ supports is the fuel to drive SANY’s development. In the future, SANY will further improve its products, R&D and service to create more values for clients.

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