Sany Digger Brings the Best User Experience to Iran People

Teheran, the best city of Iran and then the budget city of Iran, is located in the very north-central for Iran. Without exceptions . freezing and even dry up in winter, whereas rainy on the summer time. The very problems for Teheran is nominal rather than various regions for Iran, however overwhelming climatic conditions will be possibly not unique.

Sany diggers undertook the construction on a highway from Teheran to Karachi. It mainly worked on tunnel construction, and the detailed contents are tunnel digging and the gutterwaydigging on the edge of the tunnel. The expected construction period is about two and a half year. Though the weather is very cold, Sany digger still performed very well. With stable performance and large operation output power, it even offers super excellent user experience which makes the operator feel comfortable and safe when doing operating. Sany diggers’ low fuel consumption makes our friends who are as far as in Iran thumb up.

Sany outlets spread all over the world, so no matter where you are, there is no need for you to worry about the quality and after-sales problem of Sany equipment. Despite the geographic distance throughout the world, Sany wins the trust of its customers for its user experience not only embodied in the equipment performance, but also in its fast and excellent after-services.  

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