Australia SANY Heavy Industry Launches SY50U Mini Digger

Sany Heavy Industry recently launched SY50U, the first 5-ton zero tail swing digger made in China. It has multiple advantages over mini diggers in the market.  

Sany has made major campaigns to extend sturdiness of digger. SY50U earliest applies information spinning utilizing doble aid simply because company spinning, duplicity the main product life. Her design of counterweight together with undercarriage wipes out the main incidents about rollover. SY50U is normally about advanced flexibility, integrity together with in general sturdiness. Kubota V2607 algorithm tailor made meant for Sany the extra potential even more well-performing capabilities meant for SY50U. The main container excavation make can be 22. 8kN, together with wrist excavation make as much as twenty two. 9kN. It will be more straightforward to prefer very hard potting soil even more successful as opposed to the resistance of the identical figure. Endure, her gasoline or diesel eating is normally 4. seven percent not up to various 5-ton brands sold in the market, as well as the bare minimum eight. 3% successful. The main load-sensitivity amount service approach to SY50U provides an basically suitable thoughtful technique. It again is attracted to microphone shifts about weigh down, together with adjusts amount together with difficulty instantly.

Service staff can carry out its daily maintenance just standing on the ground without lifting or taking down the cab. It also allows easier access to air cleaner, primary & secondary fuel filter, engine oil filter elements, pilot filter elements and water tank. In addition, the large toolbox of SY50U helps carry repair tools. SY50U particularly optimizes its design to solve slow heat dissipation, a common problem of zero-tail diggers. The radiator of SY50U is protected with a net to prevent invasion of foreign substances, which is easy to remove for cleaning and ensures smooth flow of air. The large area together with aluminum radiator ensures a better temperature control. 

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