SANY mini digger, a favorite of the market

In recent years, with the increasingly development of national economy and urbanization, mechanical work replaces manual work is an inevitable trend of construction machinery industry.

China is accelerating its urbanization by supporting the construction of medium and small cities and distinctive towns, which require more and more small earthworks for town construction, road maintenance, landscaping and farmland reclamation.

Urbanized construction is in great need for mini diggers. SANY mini diggers are favored by clients for their flexibility and high efficiency. SANY recently held a promotion for mini diggers, such as SANY SY16C and SY35U and has received nearly 300 potential clients’ inquiries in a week, meaning that about every 12 minutes has a client who wants to buy SANY mini digger.

SANY SY16C and SY35U are small in size and flexible in operation, which can be widely used in town construction, landscaping and farmland reclamation.

Machines can be more productive than human. A SANY mini digger’s workload equals to that of 18 men. It can work as long as 4000 hours in two years. SANY mini diggers’ working hour and efficiency are top in the industry.

SANY mini digger not only can be widely used in landscaping, desilting, house restoration, earthwork and trees planting, but also can be a good helper for loading and dumping trashes for paper mills, sugar mills and pig and chicken farms.

SANY mini digger can be equipped with versatile parts and attachments, which makes the machines applicable enough to handle various constructions like digging, grabbing, discharging, drilling, cutting, breaking and so on.


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