SANY Digger sinLishui Landslide Hazard Rescue

SANY diggers and loaders participated in the Lishui landslide hazard rescue. At half past 5 o’clock PM, September 28, affected by the typhoon “catfish”, a landslide hazard happened in Su village, Lishui, Zhejiang Province. More than 30 houses had been buried; transportation and communication had also been disrupted. 

After knowing the disaster, the General Agency of Zhejiang Province of SANY Heavy Machinery immediately organized a rescue team to assist the local People’s Armed Police to rescue. And SANY also singled out 10 diggers and loaders of the best performance. After been examined, and been topped off, these SANY diggers and loaders had been transported to the disaster area at 2 o’clock AM September 29. 

For 17 beyond half dozen, September twenty nine, SANY recover squad have arrived at the very bad webpage, all at once, SANY loaders and even diggers took over the very recover position on the People’s See thousands Scheme. For tolv: 15, once running just for tolv huge on foot, SANY recover squad have arrived at the construction webpage. For those important way was initially cutoff, mainly a pair of apparatus was being employed certainly, there, several other apparatus were forced to wait until the road happen to be clearing out. For 12: tolv, the last longer feu digger have arrived at the very world that can help the very recover.

Nowadays, SANY recover squad and even SANY apparatus was yet engaging in most of their endeavors that can help the best way to. Industry by storm calamity, SANY are normally with people, to help them, save you most of their resides and even overwhelmed most of the concerns.

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