SANY Digger Obtained an Excellent Harvest in September Sales

Recently, the trade association released a national digger sales data of September. It shows that the demanding for diggers in the market is keeping rising. News from Sany Heavy Industry said that SANY diggers are so popular that have been out of stock. 

Good statistic, during Oct, 29 chief digger brand names in family were marketed 5456 diggers as a whole, with the help of year-on-year growth of 75. 66%, and additionally month-on-month growth of 27. 45%. With the to start with three quarters of your month, finally, the nation's digger totaled 50941 tools in business, with the help of year-on-year progression 5. 87%. With the regarding move, 5939 diggers was indeed exported in the last three quarters of this month, that have an rise of 20. 82% year-on-year. During Oct, SANY made available 1114 diggers as a whole, by having a big year-on-year growth of 99%. SANY always ranks finally, the No . first on the markets. In the last three quarters of this month, SANY digger led the family digger advertise while using the business number of 9934, surpassed the actual brand name well over 2100 tools. At the move team, SANY even kept No . first with the help of 2053 diggers long been sold to currency lands. Should no difficulty, finally, the digger promoting champions in in family as well move can be SANY.

In September,the sales volume of small diggers with 13 tonnage and below was 2792, accounted for 51.17% market share, the sales volume of 13to 30 (not including 30) tonnage medium digger was 2015 which accounted for 36.93%; the sales volume of over 30 tonnage large digger was 649 that accounted for 11.90% of the total sales. Compared with the statistics before, large digger proportion slipped slightly. Sany topped the small digger sales list by the sales volume of 672 which accounting for 22.46% of the small digger total sales in September and is three times as Caterpillar. Medium digger is also ranked the first of the sales list, and Caterpillar second. While in the respect of large digger, SANY followed Caterpillar ranked the second. 

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